Monday, September 12, 2011

Ceske Vtipy Ceske Anekdoty Vtipne Anekdoty Nejlepsi Ceske Vtipy

by: DieselBarracuda

Ceske Vtipy, Ceske anekdoty, vtipne anekdoty a nejlepsi Ceske Vtipy od Vas pro Vas :-) Jelikozto mame radi humor, proto jsme pro Vas pripravily tuto sekci, kde, jak je jiz citelne z nadpisu, si muzete zlepsit naladicku opravdovymi perlickami mezi Vtipy :-)

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Get In Top 10 Results On Google In 2 Weeks - Scam or Reality

by: DieselBarracuda

Is it really possible at these days or is it just another marketing scam? There is a lot of "SEO" companies around the globe promising amazing results, but in reality they have no clue how to achieve it. On the top of that they will suck you dry from your money, lock you in bulletproof long term contracts and at the end of the day you will realize that your ROI (return of investment) is in negative numbers.

There are 2 basic ways how you can gain traffic to your site. One is Generic SEO, which is very tricky and takes a time to take effect with some results and second solution is campaigns, which are very effective, but very expensive and if you ever decide to stop using them, they will leave you at the exact point where you were before starting with them. Plus you will experience huge drop down in your rank practically overnight.

As everything around us involve very fast way, websites, PR (page rank), marketing, PPC (pay-per-click), campaigns and many other follow. Lot of companies will try to sell to you campaigns, most likely google very own Adwords, which is very popular at these days. Some will advertise your ads at Bing or Yahoo, or at Commission Junction.

Campaigns are good, don't get me wrong. Only problem with them is that they are not for everyone. Second reason why you shouldn't choose them is that they will lock you forever into spending a lot of the money with minimal profit. Disagree? Well let's look at it a little closer.

If you have some products or services that you would like to promote and potentially expand your clientele via turning the visitor into a customer you will need start some campaign. If your product or service costs a few hundred dollars than you should probably grab your calc and do the math before jumping blindfolded into campaigns. We will talk about Google, since it is leader in search engines and ads impressions or campaigns. Google advertising is based on competitive keywords per certain price per these keywords. So if you are selling car insurance as example then your keywords for your campaign would be more-likely "Car" "Insurance" and some collateral keywords such as "affordable" "cheap" "quote" etc. Let's look at the primary keywords. There will be more-likely more competitors at the market for the term or keyword "car" and that's why price per this keyword would be estimated somewhere around $1,75 - $2.50 because there is more competitors then for the other term "insurance" which would be estimated somewhere around $1.00 - $1.50.
Those are just fictional numbers in this example.

Then the big Russian roulette starts spinning :-) if you think as this "let me try this with some smaller amount to see how it will goes" then you have just screw yourself up. Lower amount spent at Google Adwords will cost you higher price per keyword. Let's assume you will spend around $1000 /month. Then let's assume you are competing with terms / keywords "car" and "insurance" where "car" will cost you $2.00 and "insurance" will cost you $1.00" per click, but you will be charged as well per impression (for those who don't know what impression is - impression means displaying your ad somewhere on the web), now your budget is $1000, keywords cost combine is $3, so with your budget of $1000 your ads will can be clicked around 300 times (depends on how many times it was displayed / impressions). This is almost nothing, cause Google can display all of yours ads in one day without proper campaign setup. So if you do not consider factors such as time zone, demographics, rush hour on the internet etc. it can end up in big disaster. Now don't forget that the clicks don't necessarily mean that your visitor will become your customer. If you will be lucky you will get 10% customers from 1000 visitors. Usually it goes in real life like this - you get 1000 visitors and from those 1000 visitors 100 will contact you via phone or some contact form and from those 100 "leads" you will filter out some spam and fake info and you get yours 10 real interested people. But it still doesn't mean they will become your clients. From this point it is up to you if you can close the deal.

It is more complex in reality, but we have just pinpoint some simple example for you, so you have an idea what the campaigns are.

Now you wondering what is all that have to do with getting in top 10 results on Google right? Well this is one of the ways how to get quickly traffic to your website which is of course one of the factors how to make it into top 10 results in any major search engines.

Other option is called "Generic SEO" which is more difficult to achieve, but it is not impossible. For those who do not know what SEO is, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words it is optimization of your website / content for search engines to determine your relevancy for search queries in search engines.

Some companies or individuals think it is just about meta keywords, description, content or catchy titles :-) well it is and it isn't. Since Google changed their matrix algorithm (Google out Panda, Pandora etc.) how to determine which website is relevant to search queries and which is not, it is very hard to stay focus what strategy or tricks or tips to use. One thing is for sure and that is that Google doesn't anymore considering meta keywords as criteria for determine the relevancy of the content towards search query. The true results you can get only via special blend of strategies applied across your website. You might have some very interesting content, but your keywords density will be low, or you have some catchy title, but content isn't relevant towards your title. Your anchor links in your content will not point to your strategic pages, or simply visitors will not spent much time at your website. Google bots (crawlers) monitor everything. They will closely watch what is your entry keywords, exit pages, bounce rate determined by time spent per page on your website, relevancy of you meta title with your meta keywords and meta description, they will consider if you have optimized your pages for easier crawling via canonical link tags, how many PR1 websites points back to your site as back links, how well you handle social media accounts if they are linked to your website.

How many (+1) via plus one Google button was clicked - this thing is very new and it is going to be very strong criteria to filter out scam websites, how often is your website updated (if it isn't Google will determine your site as static = no activity per period of time and will flag your website as "sand box").

Do you use sitemaps? if so do you use proper format? have you applied RSS feeds / Rss News to your website? Are you using breadcrumbs navigations to make your site user-friendly? Is your website using flash or a lot of the images instead of the content? Crawlers and bots can't read content from images or flash.

Another things will be monitored as well such as if you are using some trick to outsmart crawlers with Cloaking (saying it is page about this topic and once visitor gets there the content is about something else), or duplicate content (which is that there is more than one page with same content on your web, this is one case considering your website within, then there is case 2 where duplicity is determined towards other websites on the entire world wide web. Do you use non-relevant keywords comparing your content? or is your pages written by robots? Do you trick Google by title stacking (multiple titles per page)? or do you hiding text via css and colors to blend with your background (keyword stuffing or also called fontmatching)? Or do you distribute Trojans, viruses, malware, badware etc.? Or do you use Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages? or Automated Inquiries?

In here you can understand by now it is not some piece of cake to convince Google or other major search engines that your website is "Da One" and they should reward you by promoting your website on top positions in search results. But remember it is not impossible! You just need to stop cheating to find some 3 easy steps Do-It-Yourself over the internet and do the right move and contact us :-)

You may contact to assist you into improve your PR (page rank) and search engine position via our website. We are not just another company promising some unreal numbers and to proof that, we are offering this for you. Send us an email with valid contact information and one full page of ORIGINAL content you would like to get in top 10 results on Google and we will make it happen in 2 weeks free of charge via our website. Then you can decide if we are true professionals who might help you to improve your business or not.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to protect yourself from Viruses and Infections like Malware.

Here I will try to help you protect your computer from all those nasty viruses and malwares out there. Nobody wants their computer to work slow or not to work at all.
What you need is to get yourself an antivirus program which cleans out any file you download and makes sure its clean and free of viruses before you launch it. ( double click on it ).
There are many programs and solutions out there. Depends on your budget.

If you would a free antivirus program, then I recommend you use AVG.
Go to and select Anti-Virus FREE 2012. This is the best and free antivirus program out there by far.

Now if you have money to spare, then I would go with ESET.
This is what I use. I went all out and got the ESET Smart Security 4. It includes the Antivirus and Internet security in one. Why the internet security. Well with this I am able to monitor my internet traffic. See whats going on. It will also alert me if something or someone is trying to gain access to my computer. Perfect if you want full security over your computer.

ESET does not offer free antivirus protection but you can try their free trial.
Some of you will ask yourself whats the difference between paid and free. Well no difference. It is just preference. I enjoy using ESET because I have been using them for years. Before that I was using AVG and it has done the job.

No matter which program you choose. You will be safe.

Happy Virus cathing :-) I mean stopping :-)

How to Zip, How to Rar files together.

Here we will talk about, how to zip or rar files into a compact file to save space on your computer.
First we will need a tool to do this for us. I prefer and recommend you use the free version of winrar. You can go download it here. htt://
Go ahead and download it. Once you go through the installation just click next next next a few times until you reach the end. Thats what I do.
Now we have it installed. Its time to take this baby for a test run. Select any files you would like zipped. You can hold CTRL on your keyboard and left mouse click on the files you would like selected. Once you have the files selected. Now Right mouse click on one of the files selected and select from the menu add to archive.

Now you should have a box that appears. Here you can remove the archive to whatever you like. Save the archive as an zip or rar. Then click ok and vola. You are done. To unzip is easy as well. Just right click on the zip or rar and select extract here. And boom.

Happy Zipping & Raring :-)

igoogle gagdets. Bookmarks for igoogle.

Alright everyone. Here we have a great igoogle gadget. Booksmarks. If you have an igoogle page and you dont like typing each link into your browser or going through the bookmarks button. I have come to save you. You can add this bookmarks igoogle gadget to your page and be able to save your favorite links. For all you lazy people. Lauch all your favorite websites through a new tab. To get this igoogle gadget go here...
and click add it now.

Then go back home to your igoogle page and vola.
Adding new bookmarks is each. Just click on the Add new bookmark button and your good to go.

Happy Bookmarking :-)

FRAPS. Record your gaming. Record your screen. Record your desktop.

So you want to record your desktop. Maybe you are gaming. Doing a tutorial on photoshop, Maya, Autocad, or just want to record your screen for god knows why. Here we have a great program that even I use otherwise I would not be telling you about it. Its called fraps.

Download it here :
You can download the free version if you dont mind having a watermark in your video. Other than that it works just like the purchased version. Or pay $37usd and get the version without the watermark.

Having recording :-)

How to Youtube to MP3. Video to Audio

Well well well now here we are going to discuss how to take your youtube video and turn it into an mp3. Perfectly legal. For example this youtube video

You copy the url from your browser, example ; and then you go to this website ; enter the youtube url from your browser and click convert video. After its done, you will have a link called download and save it to your computer. Done deal.

Happy mp3ing,

And thats how you Buss it wide open :-)

How to winamp skins. How to install them.

Hello Everyone,

Here we have a tutorial on how to install a winamp skin. Its really simple.
First off all, if you dont want winamp. You can go to and download a free version. Once you have it installed make sure you did remember to install the modern skin addon. This way you can have these beautiful tweaked skins instead of the classic winamp look.

So now that you have winamp install. Lets go find a skin.
Go to the winamp website and click on skins. Or here is the link directly to it.
or go to here is the link you lazies.

Now pick a skin that you want and download it. Once you have it downloaded. Extract the file from the zip or rar. And just double click on the skin and boom its installed. Easy as that.
You can always read the read me if its included in the download. If not then you just have to double click on the file like I said above and your done.

Happy skinning,

P.S. Check out the cool Barracuda skin on the left. :-)

Windows 7 - Visual Style 7 - Themes

Everybody wants to style their windows 7 desktop with some nice icons, sleek windows, bars, etc.

Now you can easily do that with the help of Visual Style 7 themes and a simply tool which will over write some of those important system 32 files which you do not want to be messing with. This tool is for dummies. Doing this process yourself requires some knowledge, like gaining access to the files. User rights, and privileges and turning off UAC etc etc and etc. The list goes on.

Simply go to this site -
download the tool and you will have 2 files inside the folder. Run the correct file depending on which system bit you have. 32 or 64 bit.

After that, go find your favorite Visual Style 7 theme. You can go to deviant art. They have a great selection. -

Then follow the read me in each theme you have downloaded.
Typcially you will place the Theme folder into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes
Then run the theme and watch magic happen in front of your eyes.

Happy Theming.

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Worlds most Exclusive Custom Handmade Glass Chandeliers Custom Lighting and Custom Glass Tiles

The worlds most exclusive handmade custom luxury Glass can be found in the Czech Republic. Sans Souci produces exclusive handmade custom Chandeliers, custom Lighting, custom Glass tiles ( custom Glass mosaics ), as well as custom Art décor. Their handmade custom Chandeliers, custom Lighting & custom Glass tiles are made with the highest quality materials available. Czech Republic is the worlds leading custom Glass manufacturer & with Sans Souci's luxury high-end custom Lighting, custom Chandeliers & custom Glass tiles makes them the leading producer.

Zpusoby výkladu mariášových karet

V teto sekci si ukazeme ruzne zpusoby a druhy vykladu Mariasovych karet, nebo-li jak vykladat karty.

Výklad mariášových karet

Výklad mariášových karet, Výklad karet, Výklad karet mariáše.
Karty Mariase odhaluji skutecnosti, ktere se tykaji bezneho zivota. Bezny vyklad probiha asi takto: zamyslete se a polozte si otazku na kterou chcete znat odpoved. Zamichejte karty a levou rukou je sejmete smerem k sobe. Potom karty rozlozte do vejire, z ktereho vyberte urcity pocet karet v zavislosti na tom, jaky zpusob vykladu chtete. Pokud vykladate jine osobe, nechte jim zamichat karty, sejmout a vybrat.
Na vylozene karty bychom se meli divat jako na celek, zda-li prevazuji kladne ci zaporne karty. Prvni karta a posledni karta se vzajemne propojuji, proto zacnete s vykladem od kraju. Nezavisle na tom jake karty Vam vyjdou, nepodlehejte panice. Karty pouze nastinuji ceho se bude tykat Vase budoucnost, kazdy problem ma vice reseni.
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